A dream came true

 I always wanted to be a photographer. It's actually the less demanding job when it comes to some-people-I-know's standards. Creativity comes naturally to me, especially when I'm alone, in peace with myself and the world and surrounded by helpful people. I just had study too much, go to school like I was supposed  to be a school girl for the rest of my life, to impress people who couldn't care less about me. I just don't know how I got to photograph something, that almost 9 years later is now to be featured in an exhibition.  buy it on GuruShots My exhibited photo was shot in 2013, in Constanţa, Romania. I already got to read something about how and when to use camera flash, so this photo was created as an experiment with no flash in low light. Unfortunately, after I showed to my mom how low light photography is indeed possible,  I removed the other photo I made with camera flash. I started to get into photography in 2008. I still remember those hard contrasted pho

Merry Christmas!

Just as usual, I haven't plan anything for x-mas. I still dont have time to clean my space and create a corner to call my photo studio. available as print    Because of the COVID19 I didn't travel anywhere, not even in a park, let alone in the city; not to mention flying back to my homeland to visit my parents.     available as print Usually I'd also post a new photo I recently took. this time I have to just wish you a #merrychristmas without any photo. I am participating on GuruShots #minichallenge on #discord . After x-mas, when the mini-challenge is over I may post my photo on fb. I also have to mention some of my friends here because fb-algorithm won't recommend my post on your feed . if you'd like to have one of the versions printed, let me know 1. original: a group of flowers, but the other flowers distract from the 2 flowers in the middle. 2. I like desaturated dramatic mood, nevermind. 3. snapseed is cool, but no matter how I tried, I couldn't remove

How to handle hair longer than your arm's reach?

The culprit of hair knots are the split ends. Keep your split ends at minimum by moisturising your hair often and cut each and every split strand. Getting rid of split ends helps with detangling and minimising further damage. Classic length is where your hair reaches right under your buttocks. I lost that crown volume since my hair hit bcl .  Since my hair reached tbl I decided to handle my hair like it was extremely long, even longer than classic, breakable due to age, dry because natural oils can't reach such a length (evtl. link from torin page with coconut oil), etc. So I gave my hair an extra TLC (tender, loving care). Keep your hair moisturised Dry hair is prone to breakage, it's fragile. Moisture keeps it manageable. Some people can't handle sticky hair, hence why they don't use oils or use lightweight oils. Condition your hair until it becomes limp and straight at the ends (not the same as limp on the roots though). Don't force your hair to "

To trim, or not to trim, that is the question

 Don't ask a hairdresser or someone who is not used to extremely long hair if you need a trim. According to such people, you need a trim. They don't know anything about taper . Everyday we lose a lot of hair but we also grow new strands everyday. Your hair can seem thicker and fuller at the top because of new hair growing that hasn't reached the length of the rest of your hair yet. The stands taper in at the bottom because as it begins to grow it comes out of the follicle finer and gets bigger as it grows, so the thin ends are hair that hasn't been cut and left to grow naturally. (Show before and after photos!)  Losing volume on the crown is another factor. People hate to see scalp or oily hair. They don't know about wigs vs hairloss vs hair pattern. Of course straigh hair will let your scalp and cowlicks show. It's logical. Hair lays straight down, hence why people confuse hair pattern with thickness and density . Wavy, curly and natural hair create volum

Capillary schedule again

 I decided to do a capillary schedule again . My hair felt soft, even if it was once a week and buying 3 types of conditioner. The reason why I go back to a capillary schedule is because I tend to forget to give my hair the moisture-nutrition-repair it needs. I only condition my hair when it feels dry, but it feels especially dry in summer. We have dry summers here in north-west of Germany. Talk about climate change ...  ETA: when I had the idea to start my capilary schedule, it was hot outside. Now it's autumn time. I get cold faster so I may need to wash my hair 2 times a week, because steam showers: mondays and thursdays.  Because I wash my hair twice a week in winter I will chose the first two rows of the weekly schedule. 1st Month 27th August - HYDRATION first, NUTRITION next Monday 31st August - NUTRITION. 3rd September - NUTRITION again. 7th September - HYDRATON. 10th September - HYDRATION. 13th September - NUTRITION. I had to wash my hair because I had to go to dentist. 1

4G conn. and the MUST HAVE a Smartphone-trick

  since like 2 months ago my phone (nokia x2-01) battery discharged in anytime between 1 week and 2 days. needless to say that discharging gone faster day by day... I was thinking to say bye-bye to my ol' good mobile phone and buy another one; but I just love my mobile phone! it still works wonderful, it still has that good quality sound on radio and phone calls, it still has a good conn. even in the basement of "my" blockhouse, it still doesn't make any interference with any other devices in my room. luckily I found a new (no second hand!) battery provided by nokia. the new battery has same discharging rate! I switched the the old one but it still discharges in 3-4 days at most. what? I switched back to the new battery. still the same problem. then I remembered that I read about 4G conn. draining phone batteries like 3 times faster (!). I removed the sim-card when I charged my phone yesterday (sunday). normally my phone battery would be half drained by now. thankfull

EFIT 27. September

It contains affiliates. The * marks affiliate link. I only recommend products I use myself on daily basis.   EFIT-Alarm! 👀 I love this efit  format of my blog. It's so organized. 😇 08:00 I drink more tea and less coffee. Just like I eat less meat and more veggies, just like I eat less and drink tea. I just had to write down some ideas before I start the day. Read the story on wattpad . (shopping fotos 9 u. 10 uhr, 11 foto eingekauftes, 12 post)  09:00 I started to read Pope Joan by DOnna W. Cross. It's nice, captivating book I'll review later. 10:00 I usually check out the long hair community without engaging too much into forum discussions.   11:00 my updos look pretty minimalistic when it comes to going outside. 12:00 I don't really like to photograph what I eat... 13:00 I decided to participate in a real photography exhibition so I made a money pool for that. I described the whole story in another blog entry , in hope I will gather more views on th