Book review: Die Verschmelzung (Natural history) by Justina Robson

So what do you do when quarantined? You clean your house and find old books to read.
I instantly liked this book because it was written by Justina Robson, one of my favorite authors.
If you think this novel is a bit hard to grasp, take it slower. Best read it when you are not tired. It's a story that requires a focused approach on reading. It's okay to have a friend or a family member read this book so you can talk about points you might be missing. Reviews are okay as long as they don't contain spoilers I suppose. The first half of the book makes you think there may not be an actual story happening. There seem to be a collection of worlds described in a random order without any apparent connection between them; reminds a bit of absurdist fiction. It's also good if you take it as a hypothesis instead of trying to grasp a linear structure. It was like I read an essay disguised as a s.f. novel, quite close to what Erich von Däniken writes, but enveloped in a s.f. story. It&…

I'm featured in a podcast

Remember my first author interview? Cheyenne Murray invited me on The Fantastical Writers Podcast and while I was still sleeping (time zones problem) the interview was released.I like how inclusive this interview is: Q&A about me - because I'm bad at freely writing or talking about myself, something about my first writing experience, how I started writing and self-publishing my first book and much more. Have fun! In the meantime I'm glad to be a kind of hermit: I don't go outside much except for grocery shopping and taking out the trash. I'm becoming anxious about the #COVID19 outbreak again because far too many people behave like this virus doesn't exist. I read a book and I'll post a review, like I promised in my author interview post.
I will celebrate my birthday immersing myself into that Kaurismäki60's and 70's vibe.

Spring Author Feature: Luisa H.

Author and book reviewer Deanna Jackson has featuredmy book in her blog. I'm honored. I met Deanna on #writerscommunity and #bloggerscommunity. I love twitter more than I like facebook. I like our #authorbreak where I answer questions about my writing and reading, art in general, meet professional or hobby writers and much more. I still work on different projects. I read Justina Robson's Natural History (germ. Die Verschmelzung) and I can say I never read something like this before. A review is on the way too. In the meantime I decided to blog about things that matter instead of filling my blog with empty words about flowers growing and bla bla bla about #QuarantineLife. I want to write about things that matter to me. I want to scroll down my blog and find stuff I won't find that easily on social media. Having my book featured in a blog, even if it's not proofreaded, professionally edited, not available on Amazon because I don't like how complicated Amazon is, I thin…

My hair is too long for my elling woman bun for sleep

When my hair was still barely brushing classic length (now my hair sits decidedly at fingertip length) I braided my hair then wrapped the braid length around the base of my braid at my nape and call it a sleep bun.
Last month I did the same but I woke up with tangles the next morning. My braid tassel was wrapped too many times around my hair. My tassel is too long and too thin for this bun. It's either because my ends fairytale too much or because the elling woman bun doesn't work as sleep bun at a certain length.
Now I English braid my hair and heavy oil the braid tassel. With the rest of the oil left on my palms I oil my braid. My hair next morning is not tangly but because my hair length and slippery my hair, I have to redo my braid. I can't shake off the feeling I must wear a slip cap at night! Who knows how my hair behaves at mid-thigh?

Homeopathy and remedies

I got cold like almost 3 weeks ago. It happens to me every winter.
Like last year, I DIY'd and I got healthy.
First day was a chore: I couldn't even breathe well, let alone speak.
I made something I learned from my grandmother. I googled it but I'd add: that photo is stupid. Cover your whole head under the towel! Breathe slowly and deeply. Keep your handkerchief nearby so you can grab it whenever you need to sneeze.
Don't drink that tea afterwards, make a new one to drink. Just in case...
I did this... breathing hot steam for 3 days in a row 2 times a day.
In the meantime I drank a lot of tea. I can fairly say I drank like 2l of black (as to not drink coffee for few days) or mint tea. Of course I added either sugar and lemon or a menthol bonbon, or just simply drank the tea with anything fancy in my cup.
Of course it helped that I DIY'd my spa time: hot water in the bad thub. I recommend you to tilt your head to get it warm in the water! Warming your head area is the…


How many times we didn't hear stupidadvises like eat less, don't eat this or that, go to a coach, etc.
I found an article about fasting and I thought it's even ok if I manage to eat less calories. I instantly knew I can't live on vegetable juice twice a day.
Eating twice a day and drinking more tea helps. Also giving up that delicious pudding helps at least maintaining pounds. I try to not eat too many sweets. I ate some marmalade on my toast though for few days. I ate pasta and rice because I wouldn't go outside (or order for that matter) a fruit juice. (I don't even have a fruit blender as I'm not that tech-y).
The first method was clearly a no-no for me. It's a fruit detox, I know but I wasn't prepare for it and I don't like how it focuses on juices more than everything. It's probably good before or after a surgery but on everyday basis it seems too much. They didn't count periods and the fact that you don't buy food especially f…

Long hair vs. clothes

For me it's pretty common sense that I first do my hair, then I get dressed, undress then undo my hair before getting in the shower; simply because if I'd let my hair down while dressing/undressing, it'd wrap around my clothes and tangle badly. I'd risk damage untangling it.
Another plus is the freedom I have to work with my arms when I don't have a fluffy pullover.
Even a very long braid is more compact and manageable than 150k hair strands spread on at least half a meter in every direction possible (the minimum length where hair is seen as long. It's also the bra-strap-length mostly). So in summer when I take off the hair stick out of my bun, I still have my hair compacted - in a braid.
For people who think something like "how does she go to toilet with that hair?", I can safely say they lost the last bit of common sense. (Why don't they state the same thing about long nails though?).
Even before I found the long hair community I wrapped my armp…