Why do we deny climate change?

Scientists as well as the media knew about climate change since the 50's(!), but oil companies and getting rich fast  in an unsustainable economy were further supported by politicians.
Fast forward to 2018, when Greta Thunberg started "her" Fridays for future, scientists and ecologists all around the world got courage to tell the truth.
The reason why we keep denying climate change is because we did nothing since the 50's and now, suddenly, all we hear and read is that we're going extinct in 30 to 100 years! (Don't forget the point-of-no-return happening in probably 30 years if we're lucky(!)) The Paris Agreement was signed just few years ago, but all went well until some kids started demanding from politicians to do something about the earth warming. Yeah! like those politicians would ever care about us; now I even have to give up eating animal produce and driving my car to work (mostly 40 km away from home) to sustain an unsustainable economy.
People ar…

I'm giving up one of this month's projects

My job is too stressful, so I'm giving up the history project. Anyway, this project is better for students, so if you are a student or you simply have time for such a big project, go for it.
I'll continue my own instead. I still look forward to create a page on so I can share everything I do in a catalogue-like arrangement:
I want to sell/giveaway on Patreon some old books nobody seems to care about anymore but it would be a shame to throw them away.I want to either sell old clothes I don't like, therefore never worn and never will or even make some diy tutorials regarding recycling of old rags/clothes.I want to let you know about my photography and where it is available. I've already blogged about my photos and shared links but there's a long search on my blog for that. Plus, my I want to share my photos for free, with CC (creative commons) so you can use them whenever you want, wherever you want. Yes, you may actually use them or a part of them for you…

My first contribution on wikipedia/wikimedia

Today I uploaded my first photo on wikimedia commons.
I hope this link works for you because I can't log off my wikimedia account and view my profile as someone else.
Anyway,  this means I'm getting more and more popular as (hobby) photographer. The bigger surprise for me came after I finished uploading my photo. It's about challenges! (Again,  I don't know if links from wikimedia are available for those who don't have an account or are not logged in). Challenges like GuruShots, where professional and hobby photographers alike upload their best photos to get a little insight as photographers. I'm in! I just found another site where I can get a lot of views, be motivated by challenges and good quality photos and I don't get my inbox spammed with each and every like I receive (I'm talking about Instagram, where I had the feeling they don't even check my photos! Too many likes in too short time can't be something serious right?).

Upcoming projects this month

I have enrolled myself in two projects for now this month.
The first one I found is a project by Wikipedia. I can't wait to find the time to grab my tablet and check out that special 3D photo feature! Speaking of which, I'll share more 3D photos that I love and don't have anything to do with a contest.
The second project is for anyone - no matter the nationality, religion, job, etc. So basically a get-together for everyone who loves history. Isn't wonderful?
I'll have to take it easy as I have a stressful job and these projects just come in a time when I almost gave up photography to focus on a real job no matter what. These two projects are a reminder for me to not give up on my passions.
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New book in progress: Legacy of the widower

In the middle of a desert a bright light plunged to through the sky. The sky turned red and white lights flickered further and further away. Shadows fall, then contorted figures moved around like trying to walk in the world of man. Creaking sounds were hearable from miles away, like smasked wood or metal; or even bones. People died screaming, kicking all the way or screetching the floor.  Some of them died silently, without even knowing what hit them.

Could this photo be my first viral content?

I know I was lucky to find a great #writerscommunty that gave me a #bookboost on twitter and I can't thank you all enough for this. You guys actually made me realize I already experienced my content being viral even before we met.
It was posted on Facebook one day before Christmas to wish my friends a merry Christmas. I wanted to share my work, my content instead of typical Facebook/social media content.
But I have a problem. You see, with all that marketing, millions of views and subscribers, creators that post videos twice a week, etc. I didn't realize, my photo, having 94 likes and 33 comments is also viral. It's viral because I tagged as many friends as I could (probably all the friends I had by then) and Facebook shared my content with friends of my friends.
These two facts - being popular on twitter and realising that my content is also viral - encouraged my since today to create more content. I'll try my best to create while keeping up the Work-Life balance.

Becoming popular online

Because my husband is busy working on projects, I decided to share his youtube and soundcloud links to promote his work as an artist and aquire subscribers. I already joined certain groups some time ago but they were never active until the beginning of this year. Now these groups are so active I receives so many notifications I can't even follow anymore. I mean we receive a lot of subscribing requests and we are thankful for it.

I am just begining to get more subscribers on twitter. #WritingCommunity has so many wonderful active #writers who makes #bookboost even more fun.
It's not like I only spend time on social media without actually working on projects. I'm co-writer on my husband's projects, which means if I have an idea that could be useful for one of our projects, again, I forget about social media and focus on writing.
I am also a hobby-photographer so naturally I have a little photography community on GuruShots, viewbug and pixoto, where I am not as active as …