How much "shampoo" (conditioner) do I use?

I bought a shauma conditioner on Tuesday, 26th Nov, a 250ml bottle.
After my shampooing, my scalp returned back to normal, so I co-washed on 29th November.
9th of December: is not like my scalp or my hair need a wash, but I'm cold and a hot bath will do great. Co-wash/deep conditioning (kinda) is included. It's pampering time!
14th of December: we have a stormy, cold and rainy weather in my area. I can hear the wind like the wind effect in good ol' gothic rock songs. I'm tired and cold; and I needed a hot bath. Usually after 4 or 5 days I'd water and oil my ends, braid to lock in the moisture and I had perfect, conditioned hair. Ok, a bit stringy because of water and oils but it was manageable. Today I had to wash my hair because if my head is cold, my entire body is cold. I'm that sensitive.
I WCC'ed today, partly because my bottle of conditioner is almost empty and it wouldn't be enough for a co-wash, partly because I measured my ponytail circumferenc…

Mohawk-like hair

I can't pancake my braids, so a voluminous braid is impossible for me to create. Such mohawk-like braids are rare on me. I can do them on greasy hair.
I like the front side a lot. It looks a bit like the edwardian poof.
I just wonder why I can only do such braids on rare occasions and only with super oily hair?
Is my hair too slippery to create volume - most probably
Are these voluminous hairstyles created only on hair coated in dry shampoo? - 99% of tutorials out there claim so. I'm not going to use any styling product.
I can make such mohawk-braids when I lay on a chair and start braiding from my crown though. Having cowlicks and flat hair may actually help if you rise it above the cowlick? I mean if you comb upside down, you actually end up with some volume (at least for a while).
I just never wear such a braid because it ends in an akward position like a high ponytail. My braid seem like I started it from the crown and not from ear level. Akward position for a braid right…

I can't braid my hair!

I can't count how many times I've seen this on different YouTube braiding tutorials.
I was like: "so what? I can't do fishtail braided double Dutch braids either."
Venting for more than 3 years on YouTube I met people who really can't braid, no matter what. I was puzzled because I have scoliosis so it should be more difficult for me to handle my classic long hair that it should be for them handling layeredapl-to-waist length hair.
Growing my hair longer helped me learning what rough handling is (aka ripping off trough tangles), how our body can be trained to accept natural products, how shampoo commercials lie, etc. The lower half of my hair is thin but it marks the learning process of 23 years of short hair.
(Photo w/ the braid)
I learned that if you can't do this or that fancy updo is ok. I focus on flat and stable braided buns instead of volume, intricate small braids that would force me to lighten my hair so you can see it.
Here are my tips for fast b…

Book review: #amreading Die Musik des jenseits by Carolin Sandner

What do you do after reading series? You read your Facebook friend's book, because why not: the plot sounds interesting, your husband is probably a hobby music producer and you always wanted to know how some rock bands can create such mysterious music videos about sadness, drugs, hallucinations or suicide. Little spoiler alert, those musicians wrote how they felt, so next time be careful when using terms like emo for goth or for experimental music à la Bjork, or so. If you check Carolin Sandner's Facebook profile you will see she shares great ballads from bands I only heard them once or twice, but almost never on regular music channels.
I started reading Carolin Sandner's book on 13th November (no pun intended) and I read to page 34 from the start. It's a good sign, because I usually read that much in such a short time if a certain book is fast paced with a slow motion effect. Not dwelling on details, using as less words as possible to describe a scene is for me love …

Does my scalp gates shampoo (now)?

I learned from the long hair community how shampoo strips scalp of natural oils, so sebaceous glands in my scalp produce more oils in order to keep hair naturally moisturised. Yes, scalp oils are actually a natural conditioner...
Anyway people fuss on greasy hair like it's not natural or something. My hair loves to get greasy and I love how my scalp relaxes after 4th day(!) of not shampooing.
Last time I shampooed was in summer, probably mid-July. What was on my mind 3 days ago?! I shampooed again. Why?! I don't know. I thought my hair needs a cleansing because I keep my hair too much in a beanie. Silly me I thought I should get rid of oily hair and have smooth hair instead... not.
Today is the 3rd day after washing and my scalp still produces oils like crazy and my ends are so fine, dry and fluffy I mostly finger combed my hair to not risk breakage. Although my hair doesn't feel greasy,  it definitely looks greasy. I tried to massage my scalp, to get rid of some sebum, bu…

My go-to bun for sleep (the elling woman bun)

My hair is very long. There, where the hair is so long to reach beyond your buttocks. It's called classic length.
So I definitely don't sleep with my hair loose, otherwise I'd wake up with a mass of tangles.
I'm also past the length where a braid was enough. I can't sleep in a single position all night long or drag the tailbone length braid from under my back. If I let my tailbone length braid I'd end up with massive breakage in the morning.
So I have to protect my ends somehow.
So far the elling woman bun is perfect for sleep. It keeps the tassel of my braid pretty much inside the bun.

Start with a French or Dutch braid. An English or a side braid won't hold your ends inside the bun unless you pin it, which is damaging.
Tie your braid (optional)
Now pick a loop of the braid, but a loop closer to your scalp or nape of your neck.
Wrap the rest of the braid around the loop tuck the ends inside the loop too. It will look like a braided beebutt or braided cinna…

Sleeping diaries - series

Chapter 1 Epileptic cat
"Kitty!" I called my cat while I put the rest of the canned meat in her bowl.
"Kitty!" I called again. Normally my cat was in the kitchen purring on the table while I struggled to open "her" can.
How can a cat not hear or smell even if she has to poop?
I opened the bathroom door. The lights were off.
This has never happened before.
There are no windows in my bathroom but it still looks familiar. I turned on the light.
My voice was lowered to a whisper. I knelt beside her and touched her jet black fur. Her body was stiff. I cradled her in my arms, planning to call my parents or my friend Julia who might know a vet.
Suddenly I felt her muscles cramping, her heart beating faster her breath harsh. I hold her while she kneaded me repeatedly, then she turned back to her stiff position. My arms were bleeding.
I knew by then my cat was epileptic.
I put Kitty down, then called Julia. Why couldn't I tell her my cat is epil…